Wednesday, May 27, 2009

selling as a passion

ok, well i decided that after years of being a therapist i will supplement my income with selling items on various sites. it has become a passion for me and i really love to take the pictures, post the items and anticipate the customers looking at my products. i did my research and sold a bit on ebay but the fees are starting to really kill me. unless i become a powerseller i dont know how i can compete with people who sell cheap items. so i joined bonanzle which is a new alternative to ebay. very nice people, very supportive group of sellers. so far i had 12 sales so not that bad but things are slow. there are no auctions and people can buy now. there are no fees to open up a booth and sell and it is well worth it. this place reminds me of how ebay used to be before it got way too big. that's what happens to big corporations they forget about the little guy and become too gready. bonanzle is small and just starting out but for a company that is less that a year it now almost #3! not bad for the new kid on the block.

I have a great booth there and have lots of goodies for everyone. i sell clothes, accessories, eledctronics, computer accessories, jewelry and much more.
stop by an see for yourself

Friday, May 22, 2009


NYC recommendation

Here's some place to go and eat out that I recommend if you live in the area or coming for a visit.
Seaport is great this time of the year to walk around, eat and do some shopping. Fantastic for the kids as well. nearby there is the Body's Museum that is FANTASTIC. It is the best I have seen very educationala nd amazing. Check out their website. I recommend it to everyone, not for younger kids as there is nudity and displays are graphic and may scare younger children.

Loved the charming French Bistro in the village on Bleeker street called AOC FRENCH Bistro. great food, very cozy. Right in the heart of the village.

The Bubble Show is great, a nice place to take the kids.

And ofcourse Central Park, Museum of Natural History, Interpid, Circles, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tours, MOMA, Botanical Garden, Bronx Zoo.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Huge Sale in My Bonanzle Booth!

All Items are under $10
I have Clothing for Children, Women and Men; Accessories, Children's product, books, comic books, electronics and much more. Just stop by an take peak.

Some items are FREE just pay for shipping !!!!!

Inspirational Words

Here are few inspirational words that I have posted in my office that help me get through a rough day. Sharing with you so that you may have a more pleasant and relaxing day/night:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
the courage to change the things I can and
the wisdom to know the difference.

Imagine a World Where Everyone Cared, A world Full of Hope Where everyone shared. No one will Lie and No one will Cry, if only people started to TRY.

Don't' Be Afraid To Toot Your Own Horn !

If you want a dream to come true don't oversleep.

North Carolina Vacation

Great places to visit with family is North Carolina. North Carolina's outer bank is fantastic there's 130 miles of barrier islands that has lots of beaches, historic sites an ideal for warm weather getaways. You can visit Roanake Island if you like history to see the first British settlement. Beautiful gardens, fantastic restaurants and a beautiful seashore. some sites to check out for more info:,,,

Buxton bag

I purchased the Buxton bag that is advertised on TV all the time. I really needed a bag that can be used when I travel and I hate to carry big bags when I go someplace with the kids. The store near me was having a clearance sale and I got it for much less than advertised. I thought it would be a bit bigger an although I haven't used it yet I fear that it will not be able to carry as much as I need for 2 kids. It can fit my wallet that is big, 2 bottled of small water, makeup and a compact umbrella. Has lots of inner compartments for credit card, pets, small notebook, other small items like sanitiser and tissues. It does bulge up a bit but it is leather and ?I don't think will rip too soon. I will be using it this weekend and hope it will help. Has anyone else used it ? if so, what is your opinion of this as seen on TV item ?


I am selling many of my items on various places such Bonanzle. check out my booth there are lots of items

I started top sell many of the items around the house after I got tired of all the closet being jammed packed. So signed up to this great site, took pictures and started to write up the reviews to post. Sold a few things already and this site is getting more popular by the day.

i used to keep all the toys and clothes from the kids as they used to get older and bought all those vacuum sealed storage bags., Even with them I am starting to have less and less room. My husband collects a lot of electronics and magazines so there foes the extra space for my things. would love to do a garage sale one of these days not just for the money but also to clear out things that other people can use. Some items I found in the closets are new and sealed ! Time to go an check out more things to sell :)