Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow snow glorious snow

The snow is still around and the driving and walking is difficult. The mayor promised on Sunday to have the snow cleaned up from the streets where schools are. He said it is his number one priority! Well, yesterday both the elementary and middle school streets were not cleaned up properly, kids almost fell trying to cross the street with their parents, people picking up with their cars couldnt stop, the roads are also bad. My street has yet to be cleaned. I guess the streets that are not important dont get the clean up. In NYC it appears that Manhattan gets the priority and the rest are left waiting. I guess that is the way it is, people complain to each other and nothing gets done, they are upset about the mayor's overall performance for the past 8 years and still voted for him to be re-elected in November. I am sure we will have more taxes, more snow problems, more issues with the MTA and worse and worse conditions for the middle class living in the boroughs outside of Manhattan. I feel that if people are complaining to each other they should be voicing their opinions to those who matter specifically those who are in office. Few do, those of us who voice their opinions are often deemed as trouble makers but accepting things that are wrong to you is advocating for yourself not being a trouble maker. So I will continue to be a trouble maker until my street is cleaned up, but I am sure that the snow will probably melt before that happens :)

Happy Holidays and all the best in 2010!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Great Movie and book

I recently saw a very nice movie called Love in the Time of Cholera. It was an ok film that was entertaining. I shared this with a freind who told me that the book is bettter. so I read it and thought i'd share with anyone who is looking to read a nice historically based book about love. It's a love story taking place in the 1800's in South America. The author is Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This book was in the Oprah's Book Club. The author is a Nobel Prize Winner.

The story is about 2 major characters Florentino and Fermina. In their youth they fall in love but the girl's father wants her to marry a rich man which Florentino is not. Eventually, the girl marries a doctor who comes from a wealthy family and Florentino is devestated. He spends most of his life conquering women to try to push away the hurt he feels and eventually becomes rich and successful himself. 50 years later Fermina's husband dies and Florentino who has been following her all these years tries to start a relationship with her. The story goes into details about the history as well as the division of the classes that took place during that time. It delves into human nature and the love between 2 people of different backgrounds. Very nicely written.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

All my Ebay goodies

Wonderful Sweater Dress Tunic Fair Isle XL $9.95 New with Tags!


New Babydoll Chemise Nightgwon Sleep dress, Black, L. $5.99!


New Cable Knit Sweater Tunic Cream white with Gray stripes, NWT, size XL $9.00


New Sweater cardigan Jacket with Hood and Sash in gorgeous deep Puple, size S

retails over $65 I am starting the auction with $17.99!!!


Hurry Hurry Hurry!!!!!


Finally the heat at work has been reduced. For the past couple of weeks we had heating here that made it so hot that I had to take out all my summer clothes out of the closet in order to wear them here. Now I can finally wear some of the beautiful sweaters that I recently purchased and also sell. Today I wore this:


I already sold a bunch to my neighbors, a relative and one online and have a few more. Very soft, looks great with a pair of skinny pants/jeans and a long sleeve cotton shirt underneath. Never thought I be able to pull off a sweater dress tunic but it looks awesome and everyone loves the Royal Blue color mixed with other colors.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sweater, Jackets, Robes, Fleece, knit, nightgowns 60% off sale!!!

So here I am once again bringing news of my items that I have closely selected and reduced just in time for holiday Shopping. I have a number of great Sweaters all new with tags at low prices such as this beautiful Red with White, Black Striped Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater


Just $8.00! This item at the Gap would cost close to $30

another fantastci deal is this gorgeous Cable Knit Sweater Jacket cardigan with Hood and Belt in Gray. I just saw the same one being sold for $85 at a department store, i am selling it at MUCH lowere price actually below wholesale value:


If you are looking for a robe well look no further. This fleece wrap style robe with belt is so warm and cozy you will definitely melt the day's stress away quickly:


There are also various other sweatshirts and nighgowns. Please take a look at the actions as well as all the 14 I have on ebay that are ending soon. I guarantee high quality, low prices and quick shipment!