Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Dont fix something that works

Why do people in charge always have to fix things that aren't broken? There are so many things wrong that can really use some changes but i noticed that people in charge make unnecessary changes that only hurts business in the process. here at work everything has been going smoothly for 4 years since i started. i see my clients, go to meetings and update all reports. the same goes for all the other clinicians. the clients are happy, the support staff are happy. so now they decided to make things more difficult, making unnecessary changes with a system that has worked well. however, the problems that can really use some help they leave alone. there arent enough supplies, there arent enough computers, the desks and chairs are over 30 years old and they look it! the copy machine is broken more times that it works. why not address these concerns. but, who am i to talk " I dont know nothing i just work here". Companies whether online or actual physical business settings should try very hard not to fix things that dont need fixing. it will hurt business and make people leave.
when people in charge make decisions without really asking for opinion that is the cause of company breakdown.