Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good Morning Here comes the snow

We are expecting more snow here on the East Coast and this one will most likely dump about 18 inches more since the Saturday's storm! Feel like I am living in the Artic these days. the kids love the snow but I hate the cleaning and walking through it to get to work. Hopefully school and work will be closed tomorrow so I don't have to travel through it all. Blizzard conditions are expected.

Event though I am updating my store items for Spring it really doesn't feel like spring yet. I do have a number of sweaters and long sleeve shirts on sale. Up for auction for this week's SPECIAL SALE:

Super Soft Polar Fleece Sweatshirt size L New with TAGS $4.99


New sinfully gothic style Shirt FAITH ROYALTY Roses Wings T-Shirt size M $9.99


Royal Purple Sweater Cardigan button down new with tags $9.00


All other items are under $10 !


Have a wonderful Day! For everyone who is in the path of the snow storm, stay safe!

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